GG.Bet Shuffle

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# TeamTeam/
PlayersReward Reward
4 LDLC $ 250

About Tournament GG.Bet Shuffle

All CS:GO fans were very much looking forward to GG.Bet Shuffle. This esports tournament took place on 10.09.2018 - 20.10.2018. At this period, admirers of the game put aside all business and fully concentrated on watching exciting matches. And there was plenty to see: The 25 of the best teams played for $ 10000 - the battle was really exciting!

The results of the GG.Bet Shuffle tournament are as follows. First place and (information is being specified) got the team LDLC. In the final meeting they defeated OpTic. The silver medalists took home $ 3500. Bronze went to $ 750. This team also received ENCE as a reward.