Last Dota 2 Transfers

All About Dota 2 Player Transfers: Reasons and Costs

Professional teams in Dota are made up of five players and one coach. Each person has his own characteristics, so the individual player has his own role and responsibilities. Not always gamers can play with each other. Then Dota 2 transfers come to the rescue. Players can easily move from one team to another since most often they do not have seriously limiting contracts and no compensation amounts are prescribed. Therefore, the Dota 2 roster changes occur quite often.

The reasons for the transfer can be very different. The most common cause is unsatisfactory results. If a team plays poorly in tournaments, and there is a tendency in this, then Dota 2 transfers become the only salvation for the team. Players are forced to leave the team, or they are put up for sale to help out at least some money for the transition. In this case, the esports player can go to the bench.

Another common reason for player transfers to take place in Dota 2 is team conflict. It just so happens that the community in this game is very toxic. Naturally, professional players are no exception — they can also afford to be harsh. Oftentimes, insults are directed at teammates after another lost match. When such conflicts become regular, the team’s performance tends to decline. And in this case, it is also necessary to update the roster. In some situations, teams are completely disbanded and then reassembled.

How Much do Esports Players Cost?

If in traditional sports, for example, in basketball, money is almost always paid for the transfer to another team, then in Dota transfers, for the most part, are free. However, with the development of the esports market, more and more often, money is paid for professional players. So, in 2014, the Chinese team Newbee bought two players for $ 100 thousand. After a while, one of these players, namely “xiao8”, was bought by LGD Gaming and paid $ 320,000 for it.

Another case of an expensive Dota 2 player transfer is the transition of “RodjER” from Natus Vincere to Virtus.Pro. For this gamer, the organization paid 150 thousand dollars. Then Natus Vincere acquired a fourth position gamer under the nickname “Lil” from Virtus.Pro. The cost of this transfer is 75 thousand dollars.