Dota 2 Player Rankings: Leaderboard and the Richest Players

Nickname /
Nickname Name Role Earned Rating Role /
Last game
Abed SR
$ 847412
Abed Yusop Mid $ 847412 661 % 1 week ago
Arteezy SR
$ 2557116
Artour Babaev Carry $ 2557116 655 % 1 week ago
Ace GG
$ 1431567
Marcus Hoelgaard Christensen Offlaner $ 1431567 643 % 1 week ago
Quinn GG
$ 1240288
Quinn Callahan Mid $ 1240288 631 % 1 week ago
RAMZES666 9Pandas
$ 2030949
Roman Kushnarev Carry $ 2030949 618 % 1 week ago
mc NGX
$ 4718269
Ivan Ivanov Offlaner $ 4718269 618 % 2 days ago
Sumail Aster
$ 3944239
Syed Sumail Hassan Mid $ 3944239 608 % 2 weeks ago
Timado TSM
$ 421941
Enzo Gianoli O'connor Carry $ 421941 603 % 2 weeks ago
Bryle TSM
$ 369961
Jonathan Bryle Santos De Guia Mid $ 369961 602 % 2 weeks ago
watson Entity
$ 79019
Alimzhan Islambekov Carry $ 79019 596 % 1 week ago
Kiyotaka 9Pandas
$ 245800
Gleb Zyryanov Mid $ 245800 595 % 1 week ago
Moo nouns
$ 878086
David William Hull Offlaner $ 878086 594 % 1 month ago
$ 764614
Egor Grigorenko Carry $ 764614 593 % 1 week ago
$ 711023
Anton Shkredov Carry $ 711023 588 % 1 week ago
33 Tundra
$ 2483958
Neta Shapira Offlaner $ 2483958 588 % 1 week ago
Fly SR
$ 2744481
Tal Aizik Support $ 2744481 587 % 1 week ago
Yuragi OG
$ 391738
Artem Golubiev Carry $ 391738 582 % 1 week ago
YatoroGOD TSpirit
$ 5085669
Illya Mulyarchuk Carry $ 5085669 580 % 1 week ago
bzm OG
$ 387247
Bozhidar Bogdanov Mid $ 387247 578 % 1 week ago
Pure~ BB
$ 338573
Ivan Moskalenko Offlaner $ 338573 576 % 1 week ago
1 2 3 1,012

Dota 2 has long been one of the most popular esports games in the world. It is played by millions, and, probably, every gamer thought about doing it on a professional level. Some gamers have succeeded. If you look at the top Dota 2 players, you can see that professional gamers earn a lot of money from their favorite business. It turns out that the parents were wrong when they said that computer games are a waste of time.

Many gamers have become dollar millionaires thanks to Dota 2. The dream of every doter is, of course, a victory at The International. This tournament is not only the most prestigious in the world of esports but also the most profitable. Its prize fund is tens of millions of dollars. This amount can provide a player for the rest of his life. That is why many guys who play Dota 2 want to break into eSports — Dota 2 player salary is pretty good.

How have Dota 2 Pro Players been Successful?

Talent, hard work, perseverance — these are three things on which the success of any esports player rests. A person must have a certain predisposition to play, he must feel it at a high level. Someone is lucky with this, while someone has to spend hundreds of hours to successfully integrate into Dota.

Professional players succeed through hard and painstaking work. While others are resting, they work hard on themselves and their skills. Esports players train every day, and they play not for fun, but to improve their skills.

Many players began their journey back in the days of Dota as a mod for Warcraft. Then they successfully (or not so much) switched to Dota 2, which became the most profitable discipline in financial terms — Dota 2 players do not complain about finances.

A beginner gamer must fully concentrate on the game if he wants to break into eSports. Only thanks to this will he be able to get into a professional environment. You need to start playing in amateur tournaments, find your first team — it can be assembled from among your friends. It is worth watching how the professionals play. This can be done using our website. You need to learn from the best, see how specific players play in matches, what they do, what items they buy, how they upgrade their skills. All this will help you on the difficult path to Dota 2 leaderboards.

The Best Dota 2 Players — the Most Famous Nicknames in the World!

1. n0tail

A good motivational film can be made in the life of Johan “N0tail” Sundstein. In 2018, key players left his OG team, including his best friend. The International 8 was approaching. A guy from an amateur league and a coach were invited to replace the departed players. As a result, the team won the most important tournament of the year, thanks to which the guys received over $11 million. With the same roster, OG repeated the success a year later but already won 15.6 million. Today n0tail is the richest Dota 2 player. In total, he earned $7 million in his career.

2. JerAx

Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka retired from playing in 2020. And it turned out to be very exciting for him, especially for the last 4 years. JerAx ended up in the same boat with n0tail, when the crew was in a deplorable situation but did not abandon his captain, and in the end, he definitely did not regret it. Two TI won in a row have forever inscribed his name in Dota 2 history. He also secured a decent life for himself after leaving the professional scene, as his income is estimated at more than $6 million in prize money alone.

3. Miracle-

Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi has had the greatest success with Team Liquid. This team was once one of the most formidable among professionals. The team consolidated this status by winning The International in 2017. The victory brought the team over $10 million. This Dota 2 player himself has earned over 4 million dollars in his career, which allowed him to get into the top positions of the Dota 2 players.

4. KuroKy

Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi also played for Team Liquid and was the team leader. He also played for Natus Vincere for a while. During his ten-year career, the player managed to earn more than $5 million.

5. Puppey

Clement “Puppey” Ivanov is also no stranger to domestic fans. The Estonian player represented Natus Vincere, won the first The International, but then became the captain of Team Secret. With this team, he achieved great success, earning more than one million dollars.

How is the Distribution of Players by Rating in Dota 2?

The main indicator for the formation of the Dota 2 player ranking is the size of the prize money won. This parameter allows you to fairly objectively show the level of the player. The money goes to pro players thanks to victories in many tournaments, respectively, the more prestigious and important the competition, the larger the prize pool.


Who is the richest Dota 2 player right now?

This is Johan “N0tail” Sundstein. At the moment, the player has already earned $7.1M!

How are Dota 2 player statistics compiled?

It is formed on the basis of the prize money won by Dota 2 players during their performances. Also, statistics include such indicators as win rate, rating, number of matches, etc.

How many active Dota 2 players are currently?

Dota is played by an average of 400 thousand people around the world, and professional esports players — only tens of thousands.