Top CSGO Players — Pro Ranking and Stats

Nickname /
Nickname Name Earned Rating Earned Last game
s1mple NAVI
$ 873015
Aleksandr Kostyliev $ 873015 721 % 1 year ago
electronic NAVI
$ 759116
Denis Sharipov $ 759116 677 % 1 year ago
Twistzz FaZe
$ 650000
Russel Van Dulken $ 650000 650 % 1 year ago
$ 172186
Kaike Cerato $ 172186 631 % 1 year ago
Босния и Герцеговина
NiKo G2
$ 786727
Nikola Kovač $ 786727 630 % 1 year ago
$ 290575
Valeriy Vakhovskiy $ 290575 623 % 1 year ago
rain FaZe
$ 735088
Håvard Nygaard $ 735088 609 % 1 year ago
tabseN BIG
$ 276592
Johannes Wodarz $ 276592 606 % 1 year ago
XANTARES Eternal Fire
$ 334030
Ismailcan Dörtkardeş $ 334030 605 % 1 year ago
k0nfig COL
$ 422652
Kristian Wienecke $ 422652 605 % 1 year ago
$ 257435
Fredrik Sterner $ 257435 601 % 1 year ago
yuurih FURIA
$ 172772
Yuri Santos $ 172772 587 % 1 year ago
Perfecto NAVI
$ 396204
Ilya Zalutskiy $ 396204 581 % 1 year ago
Босния и Герцеговина
huNter- G2
$ 217705
Nemanja Kovač $ 217705 578 % 1 year ago
broky FaZe
$ 91422
Helvijs Saukants $ 91422 568 % 1 year ago
boltz MiBR
$ 381547
Ricardo Prass $ 381547 566 % 1 year ago
blameF COL
$ 166564
Benjamin Bremer $ 166564 563 % 1 year ago
$ 172186
Vinicius Figueiredo $ 172186 563 % 1 year ago
Boombl4 NAVI
$ 425349
Kirill Mikhailov $ 425349 562 % 1 year ago
$ 342280
Mathieu Herbaut $ 342280 560 % 1 year ago
1 2 3 95

Thousands of successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gamers have made the game their job. The best CSGO player for modern youth in popularity can be compared with the strongest basketball player in the world. Esports players receive huge sums of money in salaries, as well as income from advertising contracts. Gamers regularly participate in tournaments. Famous players from all over the world are competing for prize pools of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their matches are watched by millions of viewers around the world. A huge number of guys and girls want to break into the professional scene and become professional CSGO players.

Top CSGO players train hard every day. Millions of young guys with glowing eyes and endless energy breathe in their backs. The competition in this discipline is very tough, and the fans greatly benefit from this, who receive bright, spectacular, and exciting matches.

How CSGO Players are Assessed — Criteria for Rating

The most important criterion for evaluating esports players is, of course, the results of the game. The player’s team must take high places in important tournaments, for example, the Major series. This event takes place only once a year and gamers carefully prepare for it. Major winners receive not only a big cash prize, but also high positions in the CS GO player ranking.

Tournaments are won by teams in which all players make a certain contribution. Having the ballast in the form of a weak e-player will not win many awards. However, every team has a leader who stands out from other gamers. He gains the most frags and wins the decisive rounds. Such player draws some games on himself. The team leader also has good headshot kills, frags to deaths. Such CS:GO players occupy leading positions in the world leaderboards.

Prize money is another important evaluation criterion. They can win 10 small tournaments, or they can win one and get the same amount. The team most often takes the won prize money for itself and divides it into five or six, if there is a coach in the team. The most successful esports players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have long become dollar millionaires only with money from tournaments.

The Best CS GO Players of All Time

1. ZywOo

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut is only 21 years old, but he is already one of the best esports players in the world. Since 2018, this French gamer has been part of Team Vitality. It was here that the guy achieved his greatest career success. ZywOo has won a number of the most prestigious tournaments, earning thousands of dollars and just as many fans around the world. In January 2021, the HLTV portal answered the question — “who is the best CSGO player”. The confident first place was taken by Mathieu, and the guy received this title for the second time in a row.

2. s1mple

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is the main favorite of fans from the CIS countries. Since 2016, he has been playing as part of the most popular team — Natus Vincere. The team has black streaks, but even during them, s1mple shows a high level of play. Almost always Kostylev takes first place in points in his team. This Russian CSGO player is the strongest not only on his team but also in the world. In 2018, he received the title of the top esports player of the year. In the next two years, he took second place in this rating, second only to ZywOo. And in 2022, s1mple became the best player.

3. dev1ce

The Danish esports player has been performing on the professional scene for over 10 years. He started his way back in CS 1.6. The best years of Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz’s career were with Astralis. His team has won many Majors, and Nicolai himself has consistently been one of the top 5 CSGO players.

4. NiKo

On the professional stage, Nikola Kovač represents Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the course of more than a decade of his career, NiKo has played for many organizations. For the last three years, Kovač has played for the international roster of the Faze Clan, was one of the leaders of the group. Together with this team, he won dozens of the most prestigious tournaments, and the guy pulled out some matches alone. Thanks to this, a gamer is consistently included in the lists of the strongest Counter Strike players in the world.

5. electronic

Denis “electronic” Sharipov is a member of Natus Vincere. Initially, the fans received the player coldly, but then he joined the team and became one of the irreplaceable members of the team. When s1mple has “problems”, his back is covered by Denis. “electronic” successfully joined the team during the generational change, literally becoming the face of NAVI. Today it is difficult to imagine this team without this gamer. That is why Sharipov has been of the top CS GO players over the past years.

Why Do Many Esports Players Choose CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a logical continuation of the legendary CS 1.6. This game was one of the most popular in computer clubs. The guys from the 2000s often did not have their computers, and they spent a lot of time in such establishments. There they competed among themselves. Then the competition reached a higher level — a professional scene was formed. Since then, gamers have not only played CS for fun — they want to become pro players.

Not everyone likes MOBA games like Dota 2 and League of Legends. Although the prize funds there are significantly larger than in CS:GO, a considerable number of esports players choose it. This game has long become one of the most famous shooters, and it certainly does not intend to give up its positions. That is why there will always be professional CS GO players, matches, and tournaments.


Who is the best CSGO player in the world now?

At the moment, s1mple is the best player in this discipline.

Which CSGO player salary?

Players receive thousands of dollars a month in salaries. The stats of the CS:GO players also reflects the earnings from the prize money. The richest players earned over a million dollars.

How often is the CS GO player ranking updated?

The rating of gamers is constantly being updated. After all, every day they fight for the championship in various tournaments. And the rating depends on the victories.

How to become a star in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Train hard, participate in tournaments, find a good team and never give up. You also need good equipment — a powerful computer, fast internet, professional mouse, keyboard and headphones.