Last CS:GO Roster Changes

Actual Transfers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Today Counter-Strike: GO is a serious esports discipline with a lot of money. Gamers who play matches and participate in tournaments are real professionals. They have serious contracts and good wages. Some players are in the same organization for a long time, others change teams like gloves. CS:GO roster changes are a fairly frequent phenomenon in the world of this computer game.

Team lineups in Counter-Strike are updated very often. The competition on the professional stage is great, and the roster must always be in good shape. The acting players are not always able to satisfy the demands of the organization, and therefore they have to say goodbye to them. Pro gamers often “retire”. This applies not only to older, but also very young players who lose motivation, any desire to continue playing at a professional level. In this case, the team must find a new, young, and energetic esports player who will replace the one who left.

CSGO transfers can be either free or with a certain fee per player. In the first case, the player leaves the team in which he does not want to remain — and the organization is not eager to keep him. For example, if an esports player shows an unsatisfactory level of play, violates discipline, creates a negative atmosphere in the team. The organization will want to say goodbye to such a player as quickly as possible, and will not demand money for him.

There are also frequent cases when money is paid for esports players and serious ones. For example, Natus Vincere captain Kirill “boombl4” Mikhailov moved to his current team from Winstrike not for free. The Ukrainian organization paid about $300 thousand for the player. Also, Faze Clan did not mind paying a lot of money for the acquisition of a good player — the team bought “NiKo” for $500 thousand from the Mousesports organization. However, these are far from the most expensive CS:GO transfers. $2,100,000 is the price for the transition of the not-so-stellar “es3tag” from Astralis to Cloud9!

On this page, you can monitor online all roster changes of esports teams in the CS GO game. The information is updated regularly.