LoL Esports Roster Changes and Player Transfers

League of Legends Transfers: Why are the Rosters Changing?

Competition in the League of Legends world is extremely high. The teams are fighting for decent money in the top championships. Therefore, they always need to have the best players in their roster who will consistently show the highest skill, while maintaining motivation. It is not always possible to collect a good five of esports players the first time. Therefore, very often LoL transfers occur — when players move from one team to another. On this page you can follow all the LoL esports roster changes in the professional scene.

Why Do Players Move to Other Teams?

The reasons for this are numerous. The most common reason for a player to leave a team and move to another is a different level of play. An esports player can be noticeably weaker than his teammates, and then it makes no sense for the organization to keep such a person in the team. He can be put on the bench, or put up for sale in order to bail out at least some money from this. Often, teams want to quickly get rid of a player, and therefore give him away for free.

Also, an esports player can be noticeably higher in terms of the level of play than his teammates. Then he moves from a weaker team to one that is stronger — such transfers happen quite often. But in this case, the organization can receive preferences. A stronger team often has more financial capabilities. For a strong esports player, a team can pay good money, especially if they really want to see a gamer in their roster.

And it happens that all the players show unsatisfactory results. In this case, the entire team may be kicked out, and then the organization will need to reassemble the roster.

Esports players are emotional people with a subtle spiritual organization. Young guys love to clash with each other, shout at teammates. If these situations become regular, problems can arise in the team. This does not lead to better results — on the contrary, even a strong team in an unhealthy atmosphere can slip noticeably. If the conflict cannot be resolved, some players must be removed from the team. A lot of LoL roster changes happen for this reason.