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Eternity League Eternity League
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become one of the most popular eSports games in the world. This is evidenced by the fact that CSGO matches collect a huge number of views. Fans of eSports enthusiastically watch streams and follow how the confrontation between the teams develops. The total number of fans of this eSports discipline is several million people, which makes this shooter attractive to sponsors and investors who invest in tournaments. CS competitions are very popular. The most prestigious of tournaments often break records for the number of views. And even though the game for over two decades, CS GO matches do not cease to be relevant and interesting to the widest range of fans of the game. This is because the company Valve, which is the developer of this shooter, regularly releases updates to make adjustments to the game mechanics and spurs interest in the competition. Let’s take a closer look at how CSGO matches are held.

How Does a CSGO Match Go in eSports?

All CSGO matches are held in a format strictly regulated by the rules of the tournaments. If you want to better understand what is going on in the professional eSports scene, you need to be clearly aware of the competition rules and the basic mechanics of the game. At first glance, it may seem that this information is difficult to understand, but in fact, it’s quite simple.

Map Selection and Formats of CSGO Pro Matches

The competition takes place in several formats. Each match is played from 1 to 5 maps. And this number depends directly on the format of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro match set by the rules. The most common formats presented in tournaments are:

  • Bo1
  • Bo2
  • Bo3
  • Bo5

The abbreviation “Bo” is short for “Best of”. The number following the letters means the maximum number of maps that can be played in a contest.

Before the fight begins, the teams take turns choosing the maps they would like to see during the contest. At the same time, there is a ban of those maps that the opponents would not like to play. A total of 7 classic maps with a bomb scenario are available under tournament rules. Their pool can change from time to time depending on the specifics of the championship or the release of game updates.

Match Progress

Once the map pool to be played in the confrontation has been determined, there is a distribution of teams – terrorists and counter-terrorists. Counter-Strike matches consist of a minimum of 30 rounds. Each round is a short, time-limited bout. Victory in the round goes to the terrorist team if it can detonate a bomb at one of the 2 points. The SWAT team wins if it defuses the bomb or prevents it from being planted at the specified time. An alternative victory condition is the elimination of all members of the enemy team. After round 15 there is a change of sides. The side that can win first in 16 rounds wins.

How Long Is a CSGO Match?

CS GO matches may last for different lengths of time. The duration depends on the format determined by the tournament conditions. Also, sometimes there may be technical problems, due to which the major matches are destined to last quite a long time. But sometimes they can drag on due to the fact that the opponents are equal in strength. If by the 30th round the scoreboard shows an equal score of 15:15, then by the rules appointed additional rounds. Usually, their number is 6. If parity is still maintained at the end of the overtimes, another series of extras is scheduled. And so until one of the teams can overtake its opponent in points.

The Fastest and Longest Match in CS:GO

Technically, an eSports match can end prematurely for the reason that one of the teams fails to show up for the competition at the specified time or to connect online. In this case, it will be scored a technical defeat and such a match can be considered as quickly ended. If we talk about the highest-speed CS matches, which were played in the history of the game, the record belongs to the Australian team 100 Thieves, which during the tournament ESL Pro League 10 was able to destroy all members of the Isurus team on the map Cache for only 11 seconds!

The longest CSGO match was between XENEX and exceL during ESL UK Premiership Spring 2015: Group Stage tournament. 88 rounds were played on Inferno, which was chosen first! The second map, called Cache was slightly shorter but still made the players sweat. During it, the players played 39 rounds. All in all, the match lasted for several hours and ended with a 2:0 victory for XENEX.

How Is The Winner Determined?

Victory on the map is awarded to the team that scores 16 points first or wins in additional rounds if overtime is scheduled. To win a match, the team must collect the maximum number of maps in their piggy bank. For example, to win a Bo3 competition, a team must win 2:0 or 2:1.

How and Where to Bet on CSGO Matches?

CS:GO betting is becoming more and more popular every day, so it’s not surprising if you decide to try your hand at placing a bet on any of the eSports battles. However, before you bet on CSGO matches, you should decide which bookmaker to choose. It is recommended to study in detail the list of services to understand which of the betting companies offer the best conditions. Among the main selection criteria it is worth highlighting the following:

  1. Reliability and safety;
  2. Convenient interface;
  3. High odds;
  4. A large number of matches and outcomes;
  5. Having positive customer reviews.

Also, the bookmaker must offer basic types of betting, among which:

  • Match outcome
  • Accurate score
  • Total rounds on the map
  • Individual total

How to Analyze CS:GO Matches for Betting and Make Predictions?

Explore the CSGO upcoming matches. Try to find those that are held in prestigious competitions, because in them the opponents will be motivated seriously. Study the match results held between the teams. Try to compare the chances of the sides winning.

Pay attention to the rosters of the teams. If one of them has a substitute, it is better to refrain from betting. Only after you collect all available information and carefully analyze it, you can make a bet.

CS GO Live Matches: Where to Watch the Streams?

After you have found the games you are interested in in the CS GO match schedule, you will probably want to know where you can follow the progress of the competition. Several options may suit you:

  • You can watch any CS match on our site by opening the page of a specific event;
  • Major events can be viewed directly in the game client if you have it installed;
  • Streaming services such as Twitch also host broadcasts.

Before the tournament begins, try to decide on which resource you will watch the broadcast. GetEsports.net has a full schedule of upcoming matches, high-quality streams, statistics, team and player ratings, and much more!