Dota 2 Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament /
Prize money
Tournament Prize money Teams Players Teams /
15.08.2022 The International 2022
The International 2022
$ 1600000
The International 2022The International 2022 $ 1600000 18 - 18 -
07.10.2021 The International 2021
The International 2021
$ 40018195
The International 2021The International 2021 $ 40018195 18 380 18 380
21.08.2021 ESL One Fall 2021
ESL One Fall 2021
$ 400000
ESL One Fall 2021ESL One Fall 2021 $ 400000 12 239 12 239
18.08.2021 i-League 2021 Season 2
i-League 2021 Season 2
$ 18600
i-League 2021 Season 2i-League 2021 Season 2 $ 18600 7 - 7 -
15.08.2021 The Function 2
The Function 2
$ 650
The Function 2The Function 2 $ 650 8 - 8 -
14.08.2021 Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 3
Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 3
$ 50000
Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 3Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 3 $ 50000 10 90 10 90
09.08.2021 QH Sports Dota
QH Sports Dota
$ 15000
QH Sports DotaQH Sports Dota $ 15000 10 52 10 52
07.08.2021 OGA Dota PIT Season 5
OGA Dota PIT Season 5
$ 150000
OGA Dota PIT Season 5OGA Dota PIT Season 5 $ 150000 8 42 8 42
02.08.2021 PM 1x1 All-Star Cup
PM 1x1 All-Star Cup
$ 5000
PM 1x1 All-Star CupPM 1x1 All-Star Cup $ 5000 - 8 - 8
29.07.2021 Cecilia Cup
Cecilia Cup
$ 5000
Cecilia CupCecilia Cup $ 5000 8 40 8 40
27.07.2021 BTS Pro Series Season 7
BTS Pro Series Season 7
$ 100000
BTS Pro Series Season 7BTS Pro Series Season 7 $ 100000 16 285 16 285
26.07.2021 Mobius.Bet Maestros
Mobius.Bet Maestros
$ 10000
Mobius.Bet MaestrosMobius.Bet Maestros $ 10000 8 46 8 46
19.07.2021 Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2
Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2
$ 50000
Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2 $ 50000 12 142 12 142
18.07.2021 Efusion Dota 2 League
Efusion Dota 2 League
$ 10000
Efusion Dota 2 LeagueEfusion Dota 2 League $ 10000 10 72 10 72
17.07.2021 League Of The Truth Season 2
League Of The Truth Season 2
$ 3333
League Of The Truth Season 2League Of The Truth Season 2 $ 3333 16 80 16 80
15.07.2021 Shenmo Esport Cup 2
Shenmo Esport Cup 2
$ 18738
Shenmo Esport Cup 2Shenmo Esport Cup 2 $ 18738 8 41 8 41
15.07.2021 LPL Pro 2021 Season 2
LPL Pro 2021 Season 2
$ 3755
LPL Pro 2021 Season 2LPL Pro 2021 Season 2 $ 3755 8 46 8 46
15.07.2021 Moon Studio Asian Showdown: Bonus Round
Moon Studio Asian Showdown: Bonus Round
$ 1000
Moon Studio Asian Showdown: Bonus RoundMoon Studio Asian Showdown: Bonus Round $ 1000 2 10 2 10
14.07.2021 PNXBET Invitationals Southeast Asia Season 2
PNXBET Invitationals Southeast Asia Season 2
$ 12959
PNXBET Invitationals Southeast Asia Season 2PNXBET Invitationals Southeast Asia Season 2 $ 12959 10 63 10 63
14.07.2021 BIX Invitationals Summer
BIX Invitationals Summer
$ 10000
BIX Invitationals SummerBIX Invitationals Summer $ 10000 8 41 8 41
10.07.2021 Perfect Land Gaming
Perfect Land Gaming
$ 15000
Perfect Land GamingPerfect Land Gaming $ 15000 8 50 8 50
06.07.2021 Dota 2 Gamestars L'oreal Men Expert
Dota 2 Gamestars L'oreal Men Expert
$ 5000
Dota 2 Gamestars L'oreal Men ExpertDota 2 Gamestars L'oreal Men Expert $ 5000 16 87 16 87
05.07.2021 Bitel True Fighters
Bitel True Fighters
$ 13000
Bitel True FightersBitel True Fighters $ 13000 8 42 8 42
$ 10000
28.06.2021 Copa Dota 2 Brasil 2021
Copa Dota 2 Brasil 2021
$ 580
Copa Dota 2 Brasil 2021Copa Dota 2 Brasil 2021 $ 580 10 65 10 65
1 2 3 72

Professional Dota 2 Tournaments: History and Popular Championships

Dota 2 has been a serious esports discipline since its beginning. This goes back to the original Dota, which, being a mod for Warcraft, had high popularity comparable to the game itself. Then a project from Valve came out, and Dota 2 tournaments began to be actively held, attracting a huge number of viewers.

Dota championships are an extremely exciting sight. Even people who don’t know the game can enjoy them. Professional matches are held with very high-quality lighting in the studio, and broadcasts of the games are comparable to television. The tournaments themselves are often held at sports stadiums and arenas, where thousands of fans gather. The atmosphere of the event can be felt even through the monitor screen.

At the same time, Dota 2 is not standing still, constantly evolving as an esports discipline. There are more and more big tournaments, the prize money grows and the number of fans also tends upwards.

First Dota 2 Championship — A History of the Beginning of Dota Esports

The story of a standalone Dota 2 game began in 2011. And immediately it burst into eSports. The first tournament was, in fact, the presentation of the game to the public. Then at the end of August 2011, The International took place as part of the GamesCom exhibition. Valve promoted the tournament in a big way, providing 1.6 million dollars in the prize pool. For the then world of eSports, and for today, this is a lot of money. Basically, the Dota 2 tournament offers esports players several hundred thousand dollars, but such events are held very often.

Teams that took part got access to the game a month before the start of the competition. At that time, Dota 2 was under development and testing, so it was a very serious step for the company. However, in the end, TI was held without any serious excesses and went down in the history of global eSports.

The Ukrainians from Natus Vincere and the Chinese team EHOME reached the final of The International 2011. The final victory with a score of 3: 1 was won by Navi, earning 1 million dollars.

Later on, The International became the main tournament in the Dota 2 world. In the eSports industry, this competition is the leader in prize money — today it draws more than 40 million dollars. In addition to money, players receive a valuable trophy — Aegis.

How are Dota 2 Tournaments Going?

In general, Dota tournaments can be divided by the amount of prize money. Championships, where more than $300,000 is raffled off, are considered the highest class, or tier-1 level. Tier-2 are events with prize money of $50,000 to $300,000. Between $3,000 and $50,000 is tier-3. Anything less than that is a tier-4 class — such contests can be considered amateur.

Most tournaments follow the same principle. First, teams are invited to the championship. Some places are left for those who will participate in open and closed qualifiers. Then teams participate in the group stage. There are also Dota 2 tournaments where there may be additional stages: play-in, wild card. However, they are all in addition to the group stage. After that comes the playoff round. The most common form is a double grid. Then the winners of the bottom and top line meet in the grand final. It is usually played in a best-of-5 format, that is, it consists of 5 maps.

Dota 2 Tournament Formats

According to the format of the esports competitions can be grouped into two types:

  • Offline or LAN. In this case, all teams that participate in the tournament come to a special place. It can be a hotel, an exhibition center, a game hall or a stadium. The latter is not uncommon for eSports. Very often Dota 2 major tournaments in the pre-pandemic times were held in serious arenas. Fans can’t wait for the restrictions to be lifted and to be able to watch games in stadiums again;
  • Online. Dota 2 is a network game. Not only ordinary matches can be played over the Internet, but also entire tournaments can be held. This was especially convenient during the period of lockdown and restrictions on transportation between countries. Players could sit at home in peace and easily participate in the events. Before the pandemic, Dota 2 online tournaments were mostly qualifiers or not of the most prestigious level. Now, most of the competitions are held online. Not all fans like it, but there’s no way out of this situation yet.

How are Teams Selected for Esports Tournaments?

There are various ways to get into eSports tournaments in Dota 2. Top teams are usually invited directly by the organizers if such an option is provided. Also, the team can perform successfully throughout the game season, which will allow them to get slots to the most prestigious tournaments, including The International.

But don’t think that everything in the world of professional gaming is divided among the famous teams, who don’t let anyone into their club. Even amateurs can try their luck by trying to get into a tournament. Almost always before the event, there are open and then closed qualifiers. In the first can participate any team that wants to. After successfully passing this stage, the team enters the closed qualifiers, where they have to win or place high — so you can snatch the coveted ticket.

What Dota 2 Tournaments do We Recommend to Pay Attention to?

Competitions are held very often, and you do not always have time to watch all the games. But there are a few tournaments that you should definitely follow.

The International

You cannot do without this event. This is the Dota 2 World Championship. It is traditionally held at the end of summer. All gamers dream of at least getting on it. Esports players play the rest of the tournaments and matches in the hope of qualifying for The International because one victory can provide them financially for the rest of their lives. The prize pool of this event is growing every year, and already exceeds the amount of 40 million US dollars. Waiting for TI and the fans. They watch the Dota 2 tournament schedule, and during the days of the championship, they try not to plan anything in order to watch as many matches as possible.


In Russia, cybersport is also doing well and is actively developing. In addition to the top teams, there is also a top-level tournament in the country. Moscow hosts the strongest teams in the world at least once a year. All fans can watch vibrant Dota 2 matches. So, in 2019 Epicenter was held at CSKA Arena. The tournament had the status of a Major — 1 million dollars were played in it.

Kyiv Major

Ukraine is also an e-sports country. Kyiv has traditionally been hosting computer game tournaments for over 10 years. In the field of Dota 2, the Major regularly takes place, which is organized at the highest level in the Ukrainian capital. It was even carried out in a pandemic — WePlay made a very bright and memorable anime-style event.


Is a Dota 1v1 tournament held?

Similar tournaments are held, but they are entertaining in nature. For example, it can be show matches as part of a major event.

When is the Dota World Championship held?

The International takes place in August.

Where can I watch Dota 2 tournaments?

All esports streams are available on Twitch and our website.

What does a young team need to participate in Dota 2 competitions?

Beginning esports players need to constantly develop, train every day, participate in amateur Dota 2 tournaments, apply for qualifications for major competitions.