Upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Tournaments

Date Tournament /
Prize money
Tournament Prize money Teams Players Teams /
01.02.2025 - 1 - 1 -
12.08.2024 $ 48588 - - - -
31.07.2024 $ 2000000 88 - 88 -
27.07.2024 $ 21476 - - - -
02.07.2024 $ 16192 8 - 8 -
01.07.2024 $ 30000 17 - 17 -
15.06.2024 $ 10720 8 - 8 -
16.05.2024 $ 750000 22 - 22 -
15.04.2024 $ 2698 19 - 19 -
01.04.2024 $ 267704 10 - 10 -
01.04.2024 $ 376786 11 - 11 -
01.04.2024 $ 257852 10 - 10 -
01.04.2024 $ 357008 11 - 11 -
01.04.2024 $ 98094 8 - 8 -
01.04.2024 $ 100000 8 - 8 -
01.04.2024 $ 400000 13 - 13 -
01.04.2024 $ 137500 12 - 12 -
01.04.2024 $ 145000 8 - 8 -
30.03.2024 $ 5443 16 - 16 -
08.03.2024 $ 20000 6 - 6 -
26.02.2024 - 10 - 10 -
13.02.2024 $ 3000000 22 - 22 -
19.01.2024 $ 33000 16 - 16 -
19.01.2024 $ 6601 8 - 8 -
19.01.2024 $ 10000 6 - 6 -
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Rainbow 6 Siege Tournaments and Everything About the World Championship

Top Rainbow Six tournaments are popular eSports events, which are not without the attention of millions of fans of the game. The developers managed to implement in a popular tactical shooter a lot of interesting ideas. Rainbow 6 — it is not only about the shooting and loud explosions (although they are present in abundance), as much about the tactical team building and implementation strategies. At the moment Rainbow Six may be inferior to other famous shooters such as CS:GO or Overwatch, but this game has found its niche and is firmly established in eSports.

The Biggest Rainbow Six Siege Tournaments

Dozens of Rainbow 6 championships are held each year. All competitive tournaments differ in level and format, status, prize pool size, and a number of other characteristics. Of course, every Rainbow Six Siege tournament deserves attention. Even the amateur tournaments, which are held for beginners and can give viewers a lot of vivid emotions and impressions. It is not for nothing that the managers of professional teams try to keep an eye on amateurs and promising young players. This is where young talents can prove themselves and open the way to professional eSports. However, we would like to focus on the most top and elite events.

Rainbow Six Siege World Cup

This is the World Championship of the game and one of the main events in all of R6 eSports. The scheduled World Championships have been postponed several times, for this reason, they have been replaced by another competition — the Six Invitational.

Six Invitational

The Six Invitational is an annual professional R6 tournament hosted by Ubisoft, the game’s creator and publisher. The competition is traditionally held in Montreal, where Ubisoft’s studio working on the game is located. The tournament brings together the best teams from around the world. The event marks the end of the previous year and acts as an unofficial world championship.

Six Major

These are pro Rainbow Six Siege tournaments regularly held in various locations around the world. Each major brings together the best teams from different regions and serves as the finals for each regional league stage.

Rainbow Six Siege eSports Competition Format

Ubisoft has conventionally divided the world into several eSports regions, including Europe, Asia, Oceania, North and South America. Within each region, there are regional leagues that host local matches. The competition highlights the champions of the local leagues, who compete against each other at the major level. The winners of the majors can compete in the Six Invitational and for a $3 million prize pool.

As a rule, every well-known Rainbow Six Siege championship is held in a LAN format. That is, players and spectators are in the arena or stadium. At the same time, eSports players are connected to the game over a local network.

What are the Rainbow Six Siege Tournament Rules?

The competition involves teams that have passed the qualifying tournaments or received personal invitations to the event. During the tournament, a different number of matches can be played. Each match is a fight between two teams, in a 5 on 5 player format, during which the number of cards determined by the rules can be played. Before the start of the game, team members produce card picks and bans. The cards remaining after the map veto will be played during the match. In the course of the match, the team that wins the most cards wins.

How Can You Find Rainbow Six Siege eSports Tournaments and Their Results?

Until recently, fans of the game could spend a lot of time trying to find out what dates certain competitions will be held. We decided that the modern eSports community needs a platform with all the information about Rainbow Six Siege. That’s why on the Getesports website you’ll be able to find a detailed schedule with dates of all tournaments and championships. Besides, you can find out in detail about the format of each event and get comprehensive information about the organizer, the size of the prize fund, the participants, etc. We constantly update the data, so you can be sure that we provide you with fresh and verified information. Also, the site has detailed results of all past matches. So even if you for some reason could not watch the game streaming, you can see the results of the match.

How Many Tournaments are Held per Year?

Rainbow Six Siege is a fast-growing discipline. Every year there are new players, teams and different championships. While the top tournaments are easy to count, as their number is strictly limited, the number of amateur tournaments is uncountable. A total of dozens of competitions of varying levels and caliber are held each year.