Last Overwatch Transfers and Esports Roster Changes

The Most Up-to-Date Transfers in Overwatch

Overwatch is not only a popular shooter for fun but also a serious esports discipline. Professional teams, as in regular matches, consist of ten players. And this large roster should be of the same level, gamers should have a good motivation, communication, and relationships with each other. Naturally, in a team of ten, it is often impossible to combine all these things. This is why Overwatch transfers happen regularly.

Why are Overwatch Roster Changes Needed?

Overwatch roster changes help organizations build strong teams. Having initially collected a dozen of esports players, it is not always clear how they will play among themselves. Relationships between the players may not grow together, and then the team will have an unhealthy atmosphere. To fix this, you need to kick players and recruit new ones. By making transfers, the team can change completely. However, most often the captain remains in the squad. It is he who recruits players based on his requirements and wishes — if the team leader is entrusted by the team’s management.

Transfers are useful for the players themselves. They can go through many teams before finding a team that is comfortable to play with. Often the players themselves are the initiators of the transition to another team. Sometimes organizations make concessions, but there are times when the team does not want to let the e-player go for free, and then those who wish will have to pay for him. If the player is worth it, then the organization donates money. However, so far, the teams are in no hurry to spend money for Overwatch transfers.

One of the key factors for a player to move from one organization to another is the terms of the contract. First of all, we are talking about a salary — a self-respecting player wants to receive good money for his work. Also, an important aspect is the statistics of the team’s performances and its indicators on the professional stage. A top esports player wants to play for a team that successfully plays in major tournaments.