The Best Hearthstone Teams Ranking

Team Country Earned Rating Last game
01 ComplexityComplexity United StatesUnited States - 0.16 5 years ago
02 HHHH United StatesUnited States - 0.16 -
03 MAXMAX FranceFrance - 0.15 3 years ago
04 TDGTDG NetherlandsNetherlands - 0.06 -
05 00Nation EuropeEurope - 0.00 -
06 17173 ChinaChina - 0.00 -
07 836 Pizza TurkeyTurkey - 0.00 -
08 9z9z ArgentinaArgentina - 0.00 -
09 ADAADA SpainSpain - 0.00 -
10 ACE.PH PhilippinesPhilippines - 0.00 -
11 Ad FinemAd Finem GreeceGreece - 0.00 -
12 AECAEC PolandPoland - 0.00 -
13 AeroXAeroX SwedenSweden - 0.00 -
14 ASAS EuropeEurope - 0.00 -
15 AGOAGO PolandPoland - 0.00 -
16 AIONAION ArgentinaArgentina - 0.00 -
17 AirAir NorwayNorway - 0.00 -
18 algeria EuropeEurope - 0.00 -
19 AOSGAOSG Russian FederationRussian Federation - 0.00 -
20 All KillersAll Killers Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea - 0.00 3 years ago
1 2 3 33

Top Hearthstone Teams in the Professional Esports

Hearthstone is an individual game. Here, esports players play one-on-one, so you cannot throw the responsibility on the teammate — only the player himself can win or ruin the match. However, there are also Hearthstone teams that unite players under their banner. But why is this necessary?

Teams allow esports players to get rid of various organizational issues. By signing a contract with an organization, the player gains support in many areas. First, the gamer receives a salary that will be paid regardless of the results. This is achieved through sponsorship contracts and advertising — these points are also decided by the organization. In addition, the team’s management is looking for tournaments, matches, exhibitions, conferences. All these questions take up a lot of energy, so by giving their decision to the organization, the player gets more time for training and his own development. Instead, he performs at tournaments in club clothes, advertises sponsors, conducts streams, and participates in various media activities.

A team can consist of a different number of gamers. The organization has the right to sign both one player and ten, it all depends on the budgets, size, and ambitions of the club. In the world of Hearthstone, there are some of the largest esports organizations that offer players great deals.

There are also professional teams created by the players themselves. Thanks to this, they receive even more money, since there are no intermediaries in the form of managers — the esports player takes all the money for himself.

3 Best Hearthstone Teams in the World

1. Team Liquid

The American organization is present in almost all esports disciplines. All over the world, Team Liquid is the most successful club. In Hearthstone, the team is also leading the way. It has more than 5 players on its roster. Savjz has been playing for the team for 7 years already. Also, for Team Liquid is the legendary ElkY, better known as a professional poker player who tries himself in the world of computer games. The organization has major sponsors: Honda, Marvel, Twitch, HyperX, and Monster Energy. Thanks to this, the team’s players receive very lucrative advertising contracts and serious salaries. Therefore, many pro gamers strive to play specifically for Team Liquid.

2. Flash Wolves

This Hearthstone team is made up of just one person. The only member of Flash Wolves is tom60229 — one of the most successful esports players in the history of this game. Instead of finding a big team and joining it, the guy created his own. Moreover, he would not even have to look for a club — any organization would gladly invite him to their membership. But tom60229 took a different, more complicated path. He represents the team, which consists of himself and a manager named Leaf. Also, at the very beginning, FrozenIce played for this team, but six months later the guy left the team and ended playing professional eSports. But tom60229 did not give up and won the World Championship in 2017.

3. G2

This organization is also multi-gaming, that is, it has rosters in many disciplines. The statistics and results of the G2 participants are impressive at any Hearthstone team ranking. There are only a few players on this team, but they are all of a high level.

Its undoubted leader is Thijs. The Dutch player is one of the most successful and wealthy in this game. He has been a member of G2 since 2015 when Hearthstone was in its infancy as an esports discipline. Together with this team, Thijs has achieved great heights. And this is interconnected. G2 provided the esports player with good conditions in which he could concentrate purely on the game.