Overwatch Pro Team Ranking

Team Country Earned Rating Last game
01 EUPHEUPH Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea - 0.00 2 days ago
02 REVREV Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea - 0.00 2 days ago
03 LFCLFC Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea - 0.00 2 days ago
04 6B JapanJapan - 0.00 1 week ago
05 HVSHVS United StatesUnited States - 0.00 1 week ago
06 FadeFade ThailandThailand - 0.00 1 week ago
07 SB AustraliaAustralia - 0.00 4 weeks ago
08 CE AustraliaAustralia - 0.00 -
09 BAC AustraliaAustralia - 0.00 4 weeks ago
10 QTZ AustraliaAustralia - 0.00 2 weeks ago
11 ZYR ThailandThailand $ 422 0.00 1 month ago
12 หมูสู้มีดหมูสู้มีด ThailandThailand $ 1548 0.00 1 month ago
13 HOT ThailandThailand $ 422 0.00 1 month ago
14 BBSS ThailandThailand $ 703 0.00 1 month ago
15 ANT ThailandThailand $ 1125 0.00 1 month ago
16 O4DO4D EuropeEurope $ 1500 0.00 2 months ago
17 STRXSTRX United StatesUnited States $ 1500 0.00 2 months ago
18 DDDD United StatesUnited States $ 1500 0.00 2 months ago
19 PLAYPLAY EuropeEurope $ 1500 0.00 2 months ago
20 DOOM AustraliaAustralia $ 1500 0.00 3 months ago
1 2 3 93

Overwatch Professional Teams — Ranking and Stats

Overwatch is a team game. A player may have a good skill, but his teammates should also play at a high level — without this, esports players will not achieve great heights. That is why Overwatch teams gather, which then take part in all kinds of tournaments.

The composition includes 10 people. In the world of esports, Overwatch teams are the most numerous. All ten players must be of the same level to make their contribution to the overall success of the team. This is done in various ways. For example, there is a role DPS — damage per second. The task of such a player is to inflict as much damage on opponents as possible. There is also a Tank. This player must, as they say, absorb the damage while protecting his teammates. They are also the first to go into battle. Supports also play an important role. They heal their teammates, strengthen them, that is, they help in every possible way. Typically, such Overwatch team roles are 4 DPS, 3 Tanks, and 3 Supports.

It is very common for Overwatch esports teams to have substitutions. The reasons for this are very diverse: a low level of play, personal conflicts, unsatisfactory results for the entire team as a whole. In the latter case, a disband can occur — this is when the entire roster is completely disbanded, and then the organization reassembles the players.

There are hundreds of esports teams in the world of Overwatch. On this page, you can find the rating of the strongest teams on the planet.

The Most Successful Overwatch Esports Teams

1. San Francisco Shock

Today, this San Francisco-based team is the best Overwatch team in the world. Despite its name and the American origin of the organization, the roster consists mainly of South Korean esports players. These guys are confidently dominating the professional Overwatch scene. For a long time, Striker played for SFS, which is considered one of the most successful players in this discipline.

The last two Overwatch League draws were for San Francisco Shock as successful as possible. In 2019 and 2020, the team became the best in the League, thanks to which they earned 1.1 and 1.5 million dollars, respectively. They became the first champions to defend their title in Overwatch history. It is also the first and only team to have not lost a single card in an OWL draw!

2. London Spitfire

If you look at the Overwatch pro team rankings, you can see a lot of rosters from South Korea. However, London Spitfire is trying to impose a fight on Asian esports players, showing that gamers from Britain can successfully play Overwatch. By the way, at the very beginning of the journey, the London team also consisted of South Korean guys.

The London Spitfire first made a big splash all over the world in 2017. Back then, Overwatch esports was still in its infancy. To popularize the game, the developers rolled out a large-scale tournament — the Overwatch League. It was the London Spitfire that won the first draw, earning $1 million.

3. New York Excelsior

The list of top Overwatch teams is not complete without this team. New York Excelsior has consistently made a splash in the Overwatch League. The team traditionally takes high places in the regular season, and also successfully plays in the playoffs. So, in 2018-2019, the team occupied the third line in the final table of the Overwatch League. The team’s statistics also show that the team loses much less often than it wins, which makes NYE an extremely uncomfortable opponent for others.

4. Seoul Dynasty

Most esports gamers from South Korea play for teams from another region. However, these guys represent the team from their homeland, demonstrating a fairly high level of play. The team was founded in 2017, and since then has been playing in the Overwatch League, delighting fans with a bright and spectacular game. In 2020, they were close to becoming the best club in the world, but in the OWL final they lost to San Francisco Shock.

5. Philadelphia Fusion

American Overwatch teams with South Korean gamers on their roster dominate the professional scene. Philadelphia Fusion is no exception in this regard. This Overwatch team successfully performs in the OWL, occupies high places at the end of the season, and has very good performance statistics. Sometimes the team has failures, but it is not going to leave the big league but is determined to continue to delight its fans with bright victories.