The Best PUBG Esport Teams

Team Country Earned Rating Last game
01 TWISTWIS CISCIS - 655.08 1 month ago
02 1717 ChinaChina - 587.04 1 month ago
03 QMQM Russian FederationRussian Federation - 405.00 1 month ago
04 FORFOR ThailandThailand $ 101127 247.52 1 month ago
05 SQSQ United StatesUnited States $ 711000 246.00 1 week ago
06 TianTian ChinaChina $ 689 131.25 2 weeks ago
07 DNWDNW Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea - 113.75 11 hours ago
08 CESCES Viet NamViet Nam $ 219659 112.00 1 week ago
09 T5T5 ThailandThailand $ 122638 108.00 1 month ago
10 TLTL ChinaChina - 103.52 1 month ago
11 NAVINAVI Russian FederationRussian Federation - 102.39 1 month ago
12 FLCFLC ArgentinaArgentina $ 61000 76.50 1 week ago
13 4AM4AM ChinaChina $ 413 71.26 2 weeks ago
14 ACEACE GermanyGermany - 61.25 1 week ago
15 GENGEN Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea $ 14974 51.00 11 hours ago
16 GBLGBL Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea - 36.76 2 months ago
17 FaZeFaZe EuropeEurope - 29.50 1 month ago
18 IIIIII United StatesUnited States - 27.39 2 months ago
19 DAYDAY ThailandThailand $ 200735 21.20 1 week ago
20 TETE Viet NamViet Nam $ 78324 20.25 1 month ago
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About PUBG Pro Teams — Rankings and Statistics

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has both single and command modes. In a solo game, everything depends on one person. In collective mode, coherence and a high level of all players are important — this is the only way to win. Once gamers have honed their skills to the highest level, they can get into the pro league, where PUBG esports teams compete in a variety of tournaments.

PUBG teams are a fickle thing. Team members are constantly being updated, and young and energetic gamers are replacing the gamers who have lost motivation. Often on the professional scene, esports players do not agree in character — and then the roster is updated, someone has to be kicked.

PUBG features both multi-gaming and exclusive teams. The former are organizations that have rosters across many eSports disciplines. The second type is the teams, the tag of which is only in PUBG.

Top PUBG Esports Teams with Worldwide Renown

1. Gen.G

This esports organization is good in many disciplines, including PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. The team in this game was born in 2018. At first, they showed not very satisfactory results, but then they found their own style and burst into the top of competitive PUBG. In 2019, Gen.G conquered the main tournament — the World Championship. In the final, the Korean team confidently bypassed all rivals and won gold medals. In subsequent years, this PUBG team continued to delight fans with a bright and memorable game.

2. FaZe Clan

If you look at the list of the best PUBG teams, you will see the name of this team there. FaZe Clan consists of the strongest European esports players. The team began performing on the professional stage back in 2017. Since then, the team has not left the top of the world rankings, remaining one of the leaders in its discipline. Dozens of won cups and medals, millions of dollars earned, hundreds of highlights — all this is about FaZe Clan.

3. Susquehanna Soniqs

The American team has made a big splash in recent years. First, they burst into the top of the strongest teams in their region, and then into the world one. Susquehanna Soniqs solidified her leadership status with her victory in the PUBG Global Invitational S 2021.