Upcoming VALORANT Tournaments and Pro Championships

Date Tournament /
Prize money
Tournament Prize money Teams Players Teams /
12.12.2024 $ 99989 1 - 1 -
08.11.2024 - - - - -
01.11.2024 - 4 - 4 -
01.10.2024 $ 20000 1 - 1 -
01.10.2024 - 8 - 8 -
01.10.2024 - 8 - 8 -
01.10.2024 - 7 - 7 -
06.09.2024 $ 32000 10 - 10 -
05.09.2024 - 4 - 4 -
05.09.2024 - - - - -
01.09.2024 - 8 - 8 -
01.09.2024 - 8 - 8 -
31.08.2024 - 8 - 8 -
01.08.2024 $ 2250000 16 - 16 -
26.07.2024 $ 7229 2 - 2 -
26.07.2024 $ 70000 4 - 4 -
22.07.2024 $ 15495 8 10 8 10
16.07.2024 $ 6336 8 40 8 40
12.07.2024 $ 13328 11 48 11 48
11.07.2024 $ 10000 16 88 16 88
10.07.2024 $ 5000 4 21 4 21
06.07.2024 $ 12951 33 166 33 166
29.06.2024 $ 1779 10 47 10 47
27.06.2024 $ 46767 16 - 16 -
24.06.2024 $ 11674 6 30 6 30
1 2 3 74

VALORANT Tournaments — New Hero of Professional Events

Professional Valorant tournaments are key events that cause a stir in the eSports community. Despite the fact that the game itself is quite a young discipline, as it appeared in 2020, Valorant tournaments attract millions of fans. Such popularity for a young e-sport is definitely a success. But it could not be otherwise, because the developer of the game is the company Riot Games, which gave us an eSports masterpiece – the Leagues of Legends. The representatives of the company know how to make the top eSports games, so we expect a lot of new interesting, and exciting competitive events. For more information about what Valorant tournaments will hold in the foreseeable future, as well as see the schedule of matches and get other information you can on the site GetEsports.

What are the Valorant Tournaments?

The developers made no secret of the fact that they created Valorant with a focus on eSports. For this reason, they are seriously engaged in the development of this component of their project. Even now many tournament operators have announced their cooperation with Riot Games. In the case of League of Legends, the developers are trying to control the competitions that take place in this game. However, for Valorant, they have chosen a different strategy and started to actively cooperate with major tournament operators. Therefore, the competition schedule includes tournaments in the following categories:

  • Major. Held with the direct support of Riot Games. The role of partners and organizers can be large organizers of tournaments such as ESL, Dreamhack, etc. As a rule, the prize money at events reaches several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most such tournaments are held in LAN format. This includes the Masters series tournaments and the VALORANT World Championship.
  • Mid. Often these are competitions that take place as part of regional leagues or Challengers series. They are held by tournament operators such as Rage, The Esports Club, Calyx, and many other eSports organizations. Prizes can reach several tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Minor. As a rule, these Valorant tournaments are held for non-professional players. Amateurs and semi-professionals can apply and participate. The organizers are often computer clubs or amateur associations. The entry threshold to such events is minimal. However, the prize pools are quite modest. In addition, such tournaments are not counted in the general competitive ecosystem of Valorant.

More about VALORANT Champions Tour

Champions Tour is a series of contests that award special points for winning. The points system is established directly by Riot. At the end of the competition, the teams with the best results and the highest number of points get the opportunity to participate in the main annual event and get an invitation to the CHAMPIONS tournament, i.e. the Valorant World Championship. This competition brings together the best teams in the world to fight for the title of champion and a prize fund of 1 million dollars.

The Main Valorant Tournament Rules

It’s time to tell you more about how the competition actually takes place. We’re sure you have a lot of questions that we will try to answer.

How are Teams Selected to Participate?

Depending on the level of prestige and status of the competition, the procedure for selecting teams for the Valorant tournament is also determined. The most prestigious events open their doors only to the most titled competitors, who have scored the highest number of points and passed a number of qualification tests.

How are the Matches Played?

As a rule, matches are played in the standard “Best of” system for most virtual sports disciplines. Teams play bo1, bo3, or bo5 matches, where the number means the maximum number of cards played during the game. Before the start, teams take turns selecting and banning cards that will participate in the match.

What Does It Take to Win a Competition?

Coaches and professional gamers believe that the main component of victory is well-coordinated teamwork, as well as the right attitude and iron will. Of course, there are other components of victory. These include the skills of the game and regular training. Only players who practice regularly and never lose heart can beat their opponents and become champions.

What are the Prize Funds of Valorant Tournaments?

The Valorant tournament prize pool ranges from a few thousand dollars to $1 million. Perhaps in the future, Riot Games will raise the stakes, and more substantial sums of money will be raffled off as prizes at pro tournaments.

Can a Newcomer Take Part in a Valorant Tournament Today?

Above we have already cited the classification that is accepted in the Valorant competition system. Virtually anyone, including beginners, can apply to participate in one of the open tournaments. Often these competitions are held online, allowing players to participate from the comfort of their own homes. By allowing such events to take place, Riot Games is encouraging enthusiasts’ initiatives and increasing interest in the game and eSports on the part of young players.

If you want to try your hand at a tournament, or maybe even try to start a career as a professional e-sportsman, then pay attention to small championships. You can find some of them in the schedule. Valorant offers a lot of opportunities for new players and managers and headhunters of professional eSports clubs often follow the small tournaments in order to find the future stars of eSports among the participants.