Dota 2 Team Ranking

Team Country Earned Pro Circuit Rating Last game
01 TSpiritTSpirit SerbiaSerbia $ 6994205 - 1566.50 1 month ago
02 GGGG EuropeEurope $ 3096155 - 1159.10 1 month ago
03 LiquidLiquid NetherlandsNetherlands $ 3210865 - 516.68 2 weeks ago
04 BBBB Russian FederationRussian Federation $ 1267865 - 514.50 2 weeks ago
05 LGDLGD ChinaChina $ 803436 - 293.88 1 month ago
06 AuroraAurora ThailandThailand - - 270.46 2 weeks ago
07 9Pandas9Pandas SerbiaSerbia $ 1084609 - 243.72 2 weeks ago
08 FLCNFLCN Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia - - 189.69 10 hours ago
09 TSMTSM United StatesUnited States $ 469609 - 188.52 2 weeks ago
10 VPVP ArmeniaArmenia $ 192511 - 150.25 1 day ago
11 PSG QuestPSG Quest $ 640805 - 150.20 2 weeks ago
12 ARAR ChinaChina $ 224425 - 139.25 1 month ago
13 OGOG EuropeEurope $ 454500 - 138.93 2 weeks ago
14 SRSR CanadaCanada $ 617707 - 128.02 1 month ago
15 SecretSecret EuropeEurope $ 406000 - 126.32 2 weeks ago
16 IGIG ChinaChina $ 79000 - 122.99 1 day ago
17 nounsnouns United StatesUnited States $ 187761 - 100.90 2 weeks ago
18 TTTT InternationalInternational $ 23000 - 98.98 1 day ago
19 EntityEntity IndiaIndia $ 299109 - 98.63 2 weeks ago
20 BOOMBOOM PeruPeru $ 79500 - 63.07 1 week ago
1 2 3 325

The Richest and Most Famous Dota 2 Teams

Dota 2 is one of the most popular esports disciplines in the world today. Dota 2 teams are also very popular. In terms of popularity, they can be compared with football clubs. Many pro Dota 2 players are dollar millionaires who have made their fortunes solely from tournament prizes.

Players’ Positions in the Team

The team consists of five players. The fifth position is the full support player. He must help the allied carry on the lane, place wards, collect items for the team, for example, Mekanasm and Arcane Boots. Often the support is the team captain.

The fourth position is partial support. He is on the off lane and helps the third position player, but at the same time, he is not complete support.

The third player is the offlaner. Top Dota 2 teams usually take tanks to this position — heroes with a lot of health, armor, and regen.

The second position is carry. This e-player must farm well, gain experience to destroy opponents in the future, and lead his team to victory. The same contribution is made by the first position player. He stands in the middle lane and must outplay the enemy mid-lane. Most often, the most skillful gamers play in this position.

Dota 2 Team Ranking — Top 5 Strongest Rosters

Thousands of players, who are a huge number of teams, try their hand at professional Dota 2. However, only dozens of teams make it to the top.

1. OG

A thrilling movie will be shot about this team someday — the story of OG deserves it. The team led by “n0tail” was going through hard times: key players left the roster, who had to be replaced by a coach and a guy who had previously played in amateur matches. And with such a roster, OG won the main Dota 2 tournament — The International. It could have been an accident, but a year later the guys repeated their success, once again becoming the strongest in the world. Without a doubt, OG is the top Dota 2 team.

2. Team Secret

Legendary player Clement “puppey” Ivanov stood at the origins of this team. He won the first-ever The International with Natus Vincere. In 2014, the debut squad of Team Secret was assembled. Since then, many players have passed through the team, but “puppey” still plays in TS and is the captain of this team. Throughout its history, Team Secret has won many tournaments. You can list team titles endlessly.

3. Evil Geniuses

The Evil Geniuses team was born back in 1999. The Dota 2 roster was formed in 2011. The organization wanted to bring together the best American players under one name, and they did it. The team has changed many times, but there have always been strong esports players who have consistently been among the leaders of the professional scene. Evil Geniuses players have won many awards, including the main title in the Dota world — The International 2015 Cup.

4. Team Liquid

“Liquid” traditionally gathers in their composition the most powerful players in the eSports world — this applies to all computer disciplines. In 2015-2016, the organization began to form a top Dota 2 team. And they did it. The team began to dominate the professional scene, win the most prestigious tournaments and be in all Dota 2 rankings. The International 2017 triumphantly ended for Team Liquid — they won gold medals. This allowed the team to confidently enter the lists of Dota 2 pro teams and gain a foothold in it for many years.


Previously, this team was simply called LGD. Her successful performances in the international arena attracted the attention of sponsors, and as a result, the team entered into a partnership agreement with Paris Saint-Germain — one of the richest football clubs. And it was not in vain that the rich chose this particular Chinese team. Traditionally, representatives of the Celestial Empire show a high level of play. So, the team was almost always in the top five at The International. PSG.LGD has won many tournaments, including those from the Major series.

What Does the Rating Change in Teams Depend On?

The Dota 2 world ranking table is formed based on the results of the teams. If a team successfully competes in championships, wins medals at them, consistently wins matches, then it will occupy a leading position in the ranking. Winning major events such as The International significantly advances the team’s position in the overall Dota 2 standings. The rating will change depending on the form of the team, the statistics of its performances.


Where can I see the scores of Dota 2 teams?

You can find a detailed rating and statistics about the teams on our website.

Are there Dota 2 female teams?

Yes, women also play Dota 2 at a professional level — Na’Vi Ladies, M2 and many more!

What statistics for Dota 2 teams are available on

We show the best Dota 2 teams by rating. On the page of each team there is detailed information about it, as well as up-to-date game statistics. Support your favorite team with us!