The Best League of Legends Esports Teams

Team Country Earned Rating Last game
01 T1T1 Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea $ 5748560 0.00 1 year ago
02 iGiG ChinaChina $ 3525964 0.00 1 year ago
03 RNGRNG ChinaChina $ 3229759 210.00 1 year ago
04 G2G2 SpainSpain $ 2928195 0.00 1 year ago
05 SSGSSG Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea $ 2778033 0.00 4 years ago
06 FNCFNC United KingdomUnited Kingdom $ 2315791 0.00 1 year ago
07 EDGEDG ChinaChina $ 1907522 0.00 1 year ago
08 DKDK Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea $ 1823673 126.00 1 year ago
09 FPXFPX ChinaChina $ 1471528 0.00 1 year ago
10 C9C9 United StatesUnited States $ 1404742 47.25 1 year ago
11 TLTL United StatesUnited States $ 1245464 0.00 1 year ago
12 FWFW TaiwanTaiwan $ 1181683 0.00 3 years ago
13 TESTES ChinaChina $ 1139280 0.00 1 year ago
14 SNSN ChinaChina $ 1066506 0.00 1 year ago
15 WEWE ChinaChina $ 955781 0.00 1 year ago
16 TSMTSM United StatesUnited States $ 950932 0.00 1 year ago
17 JDGJDG ChinaChina $ 948656 0.00 1 year ago
18 ROXROX Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea $ 930346 0.00 4 years ago
19 KTKT Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea $ 781282 0.00 1 year ago
20 GENGEN Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea $ 594429 0.00 1 year ago
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All About League of Legends Teams and LoL Ranking

Success in a League of Legends match depends on each of the five players. Yes, in some moments and games one gamer can pull the whole team on himself, but in most cases, the coordinated actions of the entire team lead to victory. No matter how skillful the player is, five opponents play against him. That is why pro League of Legends teams are assembled very carefully and painstakingly. You need to balance the lineup, find a good player for every role in order to succeed.

Each esports player performs his specific tasks during the match. Thus, there is a certain division of roles.

For example, there are mid lane, bot lane, and top lane players. They are in their positions at the beginning of the game, farm, and earn experience. The most stringent requirements are imposed on the mid-lane. The best LoL teams put their strongest player in this position, who can out-farm the enemy leader and allow his team to dominate.

Supports play an important role on the map. These players act as assistants — they heal allies, strengthen them, prevent opponents from farming, buy items for the team.

Another role is forester. This hero goes into the jungle and pumps experience there, earning gold. This player must swing to a certain level and earn the necessary items, and only after that, he will be able to fight with the team.

How is LoL Esports Ranking by Teams Compiled and What is the Basis For?

The table of the strongest teams in the world is compiled based on the results. If the LoL team performs well in tournaments, takes high places, gets big prize money, and does it consistently, then it will be at the top of the world ranking. Teams that regularly fail and fail to achieve results may not be included in this table at all. In addition to general information, you can study in detail the statistics of each team. To do this, just click on its name and the profile of the League of Legends team will open in front of you. The information on the page is updated regularly and is always up to date.

Professional LoL Teams that are Considered the Best in Esports

There are many rosters in the LoL world. Some live just a few days, while others have a long and glorious history. Dozens of teams are included in the top division of this computer discipline.

1. T1

This team is also known as SK Telecom T1 — as it was called until 2019. It was under this name that the team achieved the highest results. They began to dominate the world stage back in 2013. Then, for the first time in its history, the team won the World Championship. Two years later, the team repeated the success. In 2016, the team took the second consecutive world title. The World Championship in 2017 turned out to be a relatively flop — only second place. In terms of World Championships, T1 has no equal, and it is unlikely that any League of Legends team will repeat their achievements in the near future.

T1 has been at the top of the LoL world rankings for many years. The leader of the roster is undoubtedly Faker. He has been playing for this team since 2013.

2. G2

This European organization seeks to bring together the strongest gamers in all disciplines under its flag. League of Legends is no exception in this regard. Some of the best players in Europe play for G2. While the world is dominated by Korean teams, the Europeans are successfully fighting the Asian leaders. G2 is quite successful in the World Championships. So far, of course, they have not won this trophy, but they already have silver and bronze medals. The team is also one of the leaders of its regional league, consistently occupying the highest places there.

3. Invictus Gaming

The top League of Legends teams are traditionally from Asia. In addition to Koreans, players from China also show a good level of play. One of the leaders is the Invictus Gaming team. This Chinese team has been playing in League of Legends esports since 2012. Since then, the roster has changed several times, but the team has always been played by top-level players. This helped IG achieve great heights. So, in 2018 the team became the World Champion. Then Invictus Gaming left no chance for the European mix of Fnatic. The following year, the Chinese team won bronze medals at the LoL Championship.

In addition to the main roster, the team also has a youth squad, in which beginners, but promising gamers play.