CS GO Team Ranking

Team Country Earned Rating Last game
01 FaZeFaZe EuropeEurope $ 202500 1414.08 2 weeks ago
02 VITVIT FranceFrance $ 32500 1226.80 1 week ago
03 VPVP ArmeniaArmenia $ 27000 887.50 2 weeks ago
04 NAVINAVI UkraineUkraine $ 46500 857.01 2 weeks ago
05 TSTS Russian FederationRussian Federation $ 405000 768.37 1 week ago
06 MOUZMOUZ EuropeEurope $ 80000 669.07 1 week ago
07 G2G2 EuropeEurope $ 52500 480.12 2 weeks ago
08 COLCOL United StatesUnited States $ 21000 305.70 3 weeks ago
09 MonteMonte UkraineUkraine $ 16000 298.45 1 week ago
10 FLCFLC FranceFrance $ 88500 282.82 2 weeks ago
11 HEROICHEROIC DenmarkDenmark $ 29000 194.86 1 week ago
12 C9C9 Russian FederationRussian Federation $ 18500 192.08 1 week ago
13 ENCEENCE PolandPoland $ 40000 188.86 1 week ago
14 ApeksApeks SwedenSweden $ 10000 176.44 1 week ago
15 EFEF TurkeyTurkey $ 16000 143.80 1 week ago
16 MongolzMongolz MongoliaMongolia $ 29500 137.30 3 days ago
17 TLTL NetherlandsNetherlands $ 10500 101.73 4 days ago
18 ASTAST DenmarkDenmark $ 15000 98.21 1 week ago
19 GLGL EuropeEurope $ 24500 91.28 6 days ago
20 9P9P Russian FederationRussian Federation $ 112507 86.45 2 days ago
1 2 3 501

Professional CS:GO Teams in Esports

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most famous esports disciplines. CS GO esports teams regularly play professional matches and participate in tournaments worth hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

The CS GO team size is four players, each of whom has a specific role. The team has a captain, and this is not necessarily the strongest person in terms of skill, rather it is the brain center of the team. He coordinates the actions of his teammates. An important role of the captain is to maintain morale in the team. In difficult moments, he must find the right words to motivate his squad to continue playing. CS GO team rosters are often assembled specifically for the captain, based on his requirements and wishes.

One of the key players is the sniper. Most often, it becomes the most skillful gamers. The sniper gives important frags, forms an advantage, and wins the rounds. The command also has an entry-fragger. This player must give the first frag for the team to play the majority. Lurker is another very important role. This player most often acts away from his teammates. He collects information, enters the site from the back, fakes. All of these actions are very useful and effective from a tactical point of view. Roles in teams are most often strictly distributed so that each player hones his skill to the highest level in a specific area.

TOP CSGO Teams Showing Flawless Results

There are many teams in CS:GO. However, there is a couple of dozen in the top league permanently. This is called Tier 1. These eSports teams have been playing at the top level for many years, winning key tournaments and making millions.

1. Natus Vincere

CS GO teams from the CIS are traditionally strong on the professional scene. One of them is the Ukrainian organization Natus Vincere. The guys fully justify their name, which translates as “Born to Win”. Na’Vi win major tournaments and more than once they climbed to first place in CSGO rankings. The most legendary roster is of course the five Zeus, Edward, Ceh9, Markeloff, and Starix. This team in the early tenths made a noise all over the world. Now, these “old people” are already retired, but they have been replaced by a young and promising generation. Newcomers such as S1mple, Electronic, flamie, boombl4, Perfecto, BIT, Seized have cemented the status of the team. According to data for July 2021, Natus Vincere occupies the first line in the ranking of the strongest teams in the world.

2. Astralis

The Danish collective has dominated the professional scene for the past few years. The team breaks all sorts of records in terms of won tournaments and money earned in esports. The Astralis players are dollar millionaires. Together, these Danish gamers have won several majors in a row. So far, the rest of the teams in the Counter Strike world are far from Astralis’ achievements. It is unlikely that anyone will repeat all the successes of the Danish squad in the near future.

3. Team Liquid

The composition of this team changes quite often, but the strongest players on the planet always play for the Liquid. Traditionally, Team Liquid is played by representatives of North America. For several months s1mple played for this team. The guy specially flew from Ukraine to the USA to play for this CS team. In 2021, FalleN, the legendary Brazilian esports player, joined the team.

2019 was the best year for Team Liquid. Then the team won 6 top-level tournaments in a row — not all CS GO professional teams can boast of such results.

4. Team Vitality

French teams are traditionally very strong. 2-3 cast members are recruited from this country, which are included in Tier 1 pro scenes. Team Vitality represents France best of all. This team includes ZywOo — the best player in 2019 and 2020 according to HLTV. The young guy plays alongside experienced legends: Shox and Apex. Youth and experience are the perfect combination for successful performance on the professional stage.

5. Ninjas in Pyjamas

Sweden can rightfully be considered an esports country. The representatives of this Scandinavian state are good in many disciplines, including the famous shooter. CS GO team stats from Sweden are traditionally high. The leading team from this country is Ninjas in Pajamas. Here, as in Natus Vincere, a generation has already changed. But young players did not shame the honor of their legendary predecessors and remain at the top of the rating.

What are the Criteria for Ranking Counter Strike Teams?

The main criterion is the results of the teams. The team that dominates the professional scene takes high places in tournaments, will have a leading position in the ranking. Also, our website provides important statistical information, thanks to which it is possible to rank all CSGO pro teams in the order in an objective ranking.


Which CS:GO team is the best at the moment?

The first place in the rating today is taken by NAVI.

Are there CSGO female teams?

Yes, there are many girl’s teams in CS: GO esports. At the moment, the best women’s team is XSET.

What statistics for CS GO teams are available on GetEsports.net?

On our website you can find all the information about the teams: place in the rating, match results, the number of prize money won, the current squad.