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Updated on 04-09-2022
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Updated on 04-02-2023
Date Tournament Place Prize poolPrize
04-02-2023 Road to Nexus #4 2 $ 876

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Year Earned
2023 $876

minion bobs is one of the most successful and recognizable teams in the CS:GO discipline. The command has long been entrenched in the major league and isn't going to leave it. The minion bobs team wins esports tournaments, shows a bright game and has thousands of fans around the world.

Let's look at the statistics. At the moment, the team's results are as follows: 2 (50 %) wins and 2 (50 %) losses. During its existence, this gamer team has earned $ 876 as prize money by winning various championships.

The last tournament to date for minion bobs was Road to Nexus #4. There the team get the 2 place and earned $ 876 as a reward.