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Upcoming Vexo White Matches

Updated on 29-08-2022
Date Match Tournament
There are no upcoming matches at the moment.

Vexo White Achievements

Updated on 11-04-2022
Date Tournament Place Prize poolPrize
11-04-2022 ESEA Main S40 4 $ 1000

How Much did the Team Earn?

Year Earned
2022 $1000

The Vexo White team has many fans among CS:GO players. Neutral fans also sympathize with this team. Vexo White has won 1 matches, or 33 % from the total number of their battles. And 2 matches the team lost.

The last time the team played was at ESEA Main S40. As a result, they won 4 place, which earned $ 1000 prize money. In total, the team received $ 1000 for all its performances at esports tournaments.