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  • $ 540

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  • SolmyR
  • Networkz
  • Figue
  • Mengue
  • Tetrixx

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Updated on 06-12-2021
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There are no upcoming matches at the moment.

praw kombo Achievements

Updated on 09-07-2017
Date Tournament Place Prize poolPrize
09-07-2017 GAME Stadium 5 $ 540

How Much did the Team Earn?

Year Earned
2017 $540

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praw kombo is one of the most successful and recognizable teams in the Overwatch discipline. The command has long been entrenched in the major league and isn't going to leave it. The praw kombo team wins esports tournaments, shows a bright game and has thousands of fans around the world.

Let's look at the statistics. At the moment, the team's results are as follows: 1 (20 %) wins and 4 (80 %) losses. During its existence, this gamer team has earned $ 540 as prize money by winning various championships.

The last tournament to date for praw kombo was GAME Stadium. There the team get the 5 place and earned $ 540 as a reward.