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  • 13

  • 20

  • $ 1000

Upcoming is GG Matches

Updated on 06-12-2021
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There are no upcoming matches at the moment.

is GG Achievements

Updated on 06-12-2021
Date Tournament Place Prize moneyPrize
30-06-2018 LPG S1 LPG S1 2 $ 1000

How Much did the Team Earn?

Year Earned
2018 $1000

There are many teams in Dota 2, but is GG stands out from the all. The squad has been showing a high level of gaming for many years. is GG currently has the following statistics: 13 (39 %)/20 (61 %). LPG S1 is the team's most recent performance. There they earned $ 1000 and took the 2 place.

In terms of finances, is GG earned approximately $ 1000 during their performances at esports tournaments. In addition to prize money, the team also receives a salary from their organization.